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Fan: Jeff Quick

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Fan: Noel "Scotch" Anderson

Manchester Morgue CD covers

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CampBlood.org Website Advertisment

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Fan: David Plunkett

On this warm summer night in quiet Venice Beach, there came along a man that craved blood, like a leech. Ever present with his drill, that creates a macabre chill.

With this once quiet night, now present with fright, there can be no doubt, a drill wielding psychopath is out and about. And if you think you hear a knock upon your front door, watch out! you could be in the presence of the man known as Russ Thorn.....

Dedicated to the career of Michael Villela-aka Russ Thorn

Fan: KS

"The Slumber Party Massacre"
-- KS

A night to remember, a girls night out
A good place to party, dance, and shout
Invite over some friends while your parents are away
But hope nothing evil comes to stay

You unpack your things and get ready to party
Not a single girl to be late or tardy
No boys allowed, or so they think
But guess what happens when the boys start to drink?

Along they came, peering in through the glass
Checking out the girls as they show them some ass
Soon they were found, and shoed away
But soon Russ Thorn would come to stay

He came to the house and killed one out back
And then he gave the pizza boy a whack
Soon they were dying in rapid speed
The killer taking no time to heed

Soon only three girls were left to kill
And out near the pool Russ Thorn took a spill
He fell on in and lost his hand
And no more fun could Russ Thorn stand

He shouted as he rose from his watery grave
And started to attack the few sexy babes
But in from the house came a mighty roar
And the final girl ran out the door

She ran over to Russ and impaled his chest
And out of him came a bloody mess
Now Russ was dead, and the party has ended
But three poor girls would be forever tormented...

"Slumber Party Massacre II" --KS

Forever she knew that the day would come
That night when her friends would want to have fun
Another slumber party, except this time away
Far from the memories of the last slumber day

A remaining survivor from the massacre past
Now with new friends, and a life, at last
At least so she thinks, because soon it may end
Because someone's come back for some deadly revenge

First were the nightmares, each with a twist
Scary and real, and each strewn with a mist
In them were friends getting tortured and hurt
Some getting stabbed, some drowned, and some burnt

Her friends reassured her that the dreams were not real
They told her they're fake, and they know how they feel
But soon they would get to see just how much it hurts
And know what it's like to be stabbed, drowned, burnt.

The driller killer is back, returned from the grave
Courtney's back too, fearful yet brave
The band of girls fight to save their lives
But this time only one will survive

"Lets rock and roll", was the new killers phrase
And the drill this time was meant to amaze
It was a guitar, with a drill bit at the end
Twice as deadly, and impossible to defend

Soon dreams became real, and the killer was there
To murder the girls, and rip out their hair
The power was out and the phone lines were down
And the massacre began, with no one else around

Trapped in the house, the final girls would stay
No where to run, no time to pray
In came the killer, with work to be done
But this new killer liked to have fun

He followed the girls and played his guitar
Not a single girl could get very far
One got sliced, and another was impaled
He left no survivors to be meekly spared

The final bout was finally at hand
This time between Courtney and the man
But the quicker that she ran
In her way the killer would always stand

If hitting him would not work on him
Then lighting him on fire would do him in
Off he went, from the structure he fell
And Russ Thorns spirit went straight to hell

Again Courtney prevailed and left the massacre unharmed
But they always say third times a charm
Although his spirit would remain in hell
Russ Thorns work at the party would again be felt...

Coming Soon "The Slumber Party Massacre 3" Poem

Fan: Joe
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Joe's creation of alternate SPM, SPM 2, and SPM 3 poster art.

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Joe's creation of alternate SHM, SHM 2, and HTD poster art.

Plot Synopsis

The script begins one year after part 3 and concerns Jackie, Susie, and Morgan, the only survivors of the previous film. Jackie and Susie are just graduating high school and they celebrate by having a slumber party with some of their friends. Jackie is still a little edgy about the whole thing, but listens to her friend that she must try to forget the whole thing and try to move on with her life. The party starts out okay, until the guests start to end up dead. The girls soon come to realize that in order to survive, they must reveal the identity of the killer and are very surprised when they finally do. I had a lot of fun writing this and mainly thought about part 3 while writing it. I even pictured Keely Christian, Maria Claire, and M.K. Harris returning in their original parts. Unfortunately, the script is not on any disk and cannot be scanned. I'll try to maybe type up some excerpts from it soon.


  • Scene 1
  • Scene 2
  • Scene 3
  • Scene 4
  • Scene 5
  • Scene 6
  • Scene 7
  • Scene 8
  • Scene 9
  • Scene 10
  • Scene 11
  • Scene 12
  • Scene 13
  • Scene 14
  • Scene 15

    SPM 4 Script
    1998, Joe Patrick

    Fan: Webmaster Tony
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    Pictured above are, respectively, the cover for Orville in the Mall, a short story by myself, Slumber Party Massacre IV: The Revenge of Courtney Bates, a short story that was never finished by myself, a drawing of Valerie from SPM, and a drawing of Sorority House Massacre 4.

    Read Orville in the Mall
    This was a short story I wrote back in 1998 when I was younger, so don't be surprised if the storyline isn't too complex. LOL Generally, I based it upon SHM 2 and HTD. You'll definitely notice some similar dialogue and storyline comparisons.

    Plot Synopsis:
    Five lovelies, Emma, Claudia, Michelle, Mindy, and Candy, taking inventory overtime at the local mall in a lingerie shop are terrorized by a hook-bearing murderer! Now they must struggle to stay alive with only their brains and bustiers to support them!

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