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Five sorority sisters, Linda (Gail Harris), Jessica (Melissa Moore), Kimberly (Stacia Zhivago), Janey (Dana Bentley), and Suzanne (Michelle Verran), are moving into an abandoned house notorious for its horrid past. Strange neighbor Orville Ketchum (Peter Spellos) tells the story (while reusing footage from The Slumber Party Massacre) of how Clive Hockstatter murdererd his entire family in the house. The girls are astounded by what they hear, and they start to experience stange happenings when they fool around with a Ouiga board they find in the basement.

Despite the creepiness of the house, the girls decide to make the best of it by having showers and dressing up in skimpy lingerie. As four of the girls sleep, Janey is attacked by someone in a black hood, who slashes her offscreen with a hook. When Suzanne goes downstairs, she can't seem to find Janey, prompting the girls to looks everywhere around the house. Soon, Suzanne is killed by the unseen killer as well.

When the three remaining girls go down to the basement to look for the girls, they find their dead bodies in a moment of sheer terror. Armed with knives, they run out of the house and into the rain, but stop when they see Orville Ketchum standing across the street, who they immediately think is the killer. When the girls go back into the house, they start to panic when they encounter even freakier incidents. Has someone broken into their new sorority house? Or has the spirit of Clive Hockstatter returned?

Unrelated to Sorority House Massacre but reusing footage from The Slumber Party Massacre, this is an enjoyably fun sequel in which director Jim Wynorski portrays the terrorized girls in sexpot roles, either showing them in the shower or running around scantily clad. Orville Ketchum's character is hilarious, and the beating he takes due to being a suspect is ridiculously overwhelming! Definitely recommended to those who can have good time with a movie.

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2001 to present, The Old Hockstatter Place

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