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The first sequel centers around Courtney Bates (Crystal Bernard), who helped kill Russ Thorn, a mass murderer who killed many people at a slumber party five years ago. Courtney still has nightmares of what happened, troubling her while she's trying to concentrate on an upcoming slumber party weekend with her girl band at a desert condo. Courtney's fearsome dreams reveal a sexual warning from her sister Valerie (Cynthia Eilbacher), who's in a mental institution due to the previous occurrences. Courtney is very confused and frightened of her dreams, but tries to keep her mind off of it when she and her friends finally go to the desert condo.

Things just start to get worse for poor Courtney at the condo, her dreams more realistic every time. She warns her friends of the impending terror, but they don't believe her until it's too late. The driller killer has been reincarnated as a sadistic rocker with a guitar-shaped drill and crosses from Courtney's dreams and into reality. On a frightful night, Courtney and her friends struggle to stay alive against the maniacal murderer. Will Courtney be able to survive this Slumber Party Massacre?

This sequel definitely lives up to its predecessor, but is very different, this time playing like a gory music video. The driller killer breaks out singing in many scenes, which adds to the film's great sense of humor. The film's makeup effects are pretty effective, especially a scene where one character's zit explodes, spurting goo all over the place!

This time, Crystal Bernard, who later starred in the successful TV show Wings and became a country singer, portrays the character of troubled Courtney, still remembering the horrible incident. The cast in this one is pretty likeable as well, especially scream queen Juliette Cummins (Friday the 13th 5: A New Beginning, Deadly Dreams). You'll really enjoy this one if you liked the first.

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