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Five girls, Dawn (Gail Harris), Tess (Melissa Moore), Jackie (Deborah Dutch), Shane (Bridget Carney), and Diana (Karen Mayo Chandler), stay overnight in the Acme Lingerie portion of a skyscraper to do inventory. Creepy janitor Orville Ketchum (Peter Spellos), who was involved in the sorority house massacre a few months ago, recollects on the happenings at the house (once again reusing footage from The Slumber Party Massacre, but with new names made up for characters). When they receive a package not meant for them, they open it and find a strangely-constructed box from which they unwittingly unleash the spirt of Hockstatter, the guy who killed his whole family.

After having the sprinklers turned on them in the basement, the girls decide to take showers and change into a new line of lingerie they find. While they're at it, they take a change from ordering the usual pizza to Chinese, but the delivery girl (Monique Gabrielle) doesn't even make it alive to order it and is set on fire by an unknown killer. Two of the girls are attacked and murdered by a hooded stranger, and the three others discover their bodies in the basement.

Desperately trying to find a way out of the building, the girls are stopped dead in their tracks by the sight of their immediate suspect, Orville Ketchum. The girls go up and down the elevators, run up and down stairs, and basically fight for their lives. Poor Orville gets pretty banged up by the girls this time around as well, the girls making a change from the usual, defenseless girls in horror movies.

It's later on that the surviving girls discover a gun shop in the building, igniting in action and suspense as they do battle against the revealed killer. Will they be able to stop whatever has been released?

This movie is so hilarious! You'll definitely spot the intended comedy of this one, along with the exactness compared to Sorority House Massacre 2, which came before it. This film can mostly be found in the Action section of a video store, but the machine guns don't come into play until towards the end. It's basically horror with huge dollops of laughs thrown in, succeeding in many intended areas and just making you crack up at some of the dialogue, such as "I just washed my car, and I heard on the radio it's gonna rain tonight," when Dawn is talking to Tess.

Gail Harris is terrific again as the final girl, continuing the limp routine with her leg and the constant beating she gives poor Orville. Debra Dare is also enjoyable as the outgoing and amusing Jackie. You might not be able to spot Monique Gabrielle (credited as Lucy Burnett) as Chow Down Girl or Kelli Maroney (credited as D. Mason Keener in footage not shown in the US video version) as Porno Wife, but fans will tend to have a keen eye. Pop this one into your VCR and enjoy, as scantily-clad babes run about, fending for their lives with knives, rope, guns, and anything they can find nearby!

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