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Quickly established are the reports proclaiming that a vicious mass murderer, Russ Thorn (Michael Villela), has recently escaped from the mental hospital. Trish (Michele Michaels) awakes that morning by throwing away some of her childhood toys and saying goodbye to her parents, who are going away for the weekend, leaving Trish to throw a slumber party for teammates of her high school basketball team. Trish's friends snub the new girl, Valerie (Robin Stille), who's good at basketball and has just moved next door to Trish. When the girls are talking about Valerie, she overhears and declines to Trish's party invitation, resulting in her having to stay home and babysit her sister Courtney (Jennifer Meyers).

When the party starts, strange things start to happen, making Trish very uneasy. Neil (Joe Johnson) and Jeff (David Millbern) play practical jokes on the girls, but as the night unfolds, Russ Thorn crashes the party and kills terrorized party guests with his portable drill in grisly ways. Valerie and Courtney know something is strange when they hear peculiar things. They go to check up on the slumber party but soon realize they're in danger when they meet the driller killer. Valerie and Courtney help fight the killer, resulting in a night of exciting terror and suspense.

This is one of my all-time favorite horror films of all time. It is so great in so many ways and spoofs the genre while still remaining true to horror. The plot is similar to Halloween (1978) in a way, but the film still retains an entertaing storyline, not to mention it being written by feminist Rita Mae Brown and directed by Amy Holden Jones; women taking a poke at the establishment!

I've loved this movie ever since I was very young, simply because it delivers in many ways. Give it a chance if you love '80s horror movies. Also, be on the lookout for Brinke Stevens in an early role as a victim of the driller killer.

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