Alyssa is still standing on the porch, looking for George.  She hears a sound
in the bushes next to the house.
(beginning to walk over)
George?  Is that you?
Alyssa creeps down, looking inside the bushes.  Suddenly, the sound of a drill fills
the air.  But, the person holding it remains unseen.  Alyssa lets out a loud scream
and turns to run.  She runs to the porch and climbs the stairs to the door.
(banging on the door)
Jackie!  Oh, God!  Open the door! 
Inside, the music is blaring and the girls are dancing happily, unaware of what
is going on outside.  Alyssa turns around to face her stalker.  She sees the face,
but the audience does not.
(her face filled with shock)
No!  No!  Oh, God!  NOOOOOOO!
She runs off the porch, but it's too late.  The drill swings, slicing open her side.
Blood pours from the wound, as she lays on the ground.  Her eyes widen as
she sees the drill being raised high over the head of it's beholder.  She continues
to scream and plead, tears forming in her eyes.  The drill is brought down hard
onto her, spinning wildly as she screams in pain.