Orville in the Mall
1998, by Webmaster Tony

      The day was cloudy and gloomy.  It was Saturday, and five girls, Emma Goodwyn, Claudia Wynn, Michelle Cryer, Mindy Cohen, and Candy Mitchell, were taking inventory at Westgate Mall.  They would be working overtime in a lingerie shop.  They didn't know what evil was in store for them.
      "Hi, Claudia!" Emma Goodwyn called.
      "Hi, Emma!" Claudia Wynn replied.
      Emma walked across the street to Claudia.
      "I just washed my car today, and I heard on the radio it's supposed to rain tonight," Emma complained.
      "Oh well," Claudia said, sighing.
      "Let's go," Emma said.
      They walked up the sidewalk to the mall entrance.
      "I'm telling you, Michelle, this place is like a warzone!  I mean, what if someone breaks into the mall overnight?" Mindy Cohen exclaimed with worry.
      "Oh, shut up!" Michelle Cryer said madly.
      They were standing by an elevator, waiting for the rest of the girls to show up.  Emma and Claudia walked in.
      "Here we are!" Emma exclaimed happily to Michelle and Mindy.
      "Oh, hi!" Michelle said.  "We've been waiting for an hour for Mr. Hager to come out of his office!"
      "Oh, this is really going to be a lot of fun!  I'm really inspired and thrilled!" Claudia joked.
      The girls laughed.
      "Does this thing work or what?" Claudia said, pounding the elevator with her fist.
      The girls screamed and jumped back as an overweight man stood there and then walked out with a mop in a cart.
      "That's Orville," Emma said.  "He's the janitor."
      "He was the one involved in the Skyscraper Massacre eight years ago!" Mindy exclaimed.  "I heard he killed four girls in that skyscraper!"
      "That's not true," Emma said.  "Is it, Orville?"
      "It's not something I like to talk about," Orville said.
      "Try us," Michelle said.
      "These five girls were working overtime on inventory just like you.  They received a package through the mail.  It was a soul box.  Something Hockstatter had created.  He died and put his soul into it somehow.  They accidentally unleashed him.  He possessed the body of Diana.  They all got it except for Dawn.  I killed Hockstatter.  Dawn and I got married.  I had saved her life," Orville told the story.
      "Oh my God!" Mindy exclaimed.
      "It must have been pretty gross," Michelle said.
      "It was," Orville said.  "Blood everywhere."
      "This is Claudia, Michelle, and Mindy," Emma said.
      "Hello, ladies," Orville said.
      "Hi," they all replied.
      Orville walked off.
      "Boy, he's weird," Michelle said.
      "Okay," Mindy said.  "Michelle and I got here about seventy minutes ago!  Where is Mr. Hager?!"
      "I don't know, but he better hurry because I'm getting very impatient," Claudia said angrily.
      As soon as she said that, Mr. Hager stepped out of his office.
      "Hello, girls," Mr. Hager greeted them.  "There are boxes of lingerie in the basement.  Orville has a key.  I have to go home for a bit to my family.  Have a good time."
      "Oh, we will," Claudia said sarcastically.
      "Bye, ladies," Mr. Hager said.  "Oh, hey!  Where's Candy?"
      Just as he said that, a beautiful blonde stepped into the mall.
      "Sorry I'm late," Candy said.
      "Don't worry," Mr. Hager said nicely.
      "Thanks," Candy said.
      Mr. Hager walked out.
      "Let's get to work," Emma said.
      "Orville!" the girls yelled.
      "Yes?" he asked.
      "We need a key to the basement," Emma said.
      "Here you go," Orville said, pulling a key out of his flannel shirt pocket.
      "You be careful down there," Orville said.
      "Okay," Emma said.  "Thanks."
      The girls went down the stairs to the basement.  It was storming now.  Lightning struck and a shadow appeared.
      "Okay, guys," Emma said.  "Let's get all the boxes marked 'Hager Lingerie.'"
      The girls went in different directions.  Finally, they got all the boxes in one place.  They all took one box up the stairs.
      "We'll get the rest of the boxes later," Emma said.
      The girls walked back to the lingerie shop.  Emma opened a box.
      "Hey, guys!" she called.  "It's new lingerie!  It's not supposed to come out for another month."
      "Cool!" Mindy said.
      "I love this one!" Candy cried, holding up a pink nightie.
      "Oooh!" Claudia said, picking up a black nightie.
      "Hey!" Michelle said.  "Let's sort of...  Try some on!  I have enough money to pay back Mr. Hager.  He'll probably even give some free lingerie to us!"
      "Yeah!" the rest of them said.
      They all got into skimpy outfits.  They started moving more boxes to the shop.
      Candy and Claudia moved to the basement.  Claudia picked up a box.
      "Oh!" Claudia cried, dropping the box.
      "What?!" Candy cried, dropping the box.
      "That box is heavy!" Claudia said.
      "Let's carry it together," Candy suggested.
      "Okay," Claudia agreed.
      The girls went up the stairs.  Behind some boxes Orville stepped out.
      "Hey, girls!" Candy exclaimed.  "Try to lift that box!"
      Emma tried but didn't succeed.
      "Gosh!" Emma yelled.  "What does that thing weight?!  A ton?!!"
      "Let's see what's inside," Claudia suggested.
      "I don't know," Mindy said.  "I'm still kind of shook up from that story."
      "Oh, c'mon!" Claudia exclaimed.
      Claudia opened the box and pulled out another one.
      "Ah!" Mindy screamed, backing away.  "It's a soul box!"
      "I can't get it open!" Claudia exclaimed.
      "Hey!" Michelle said.  "This is like a puzzle box!"
      "Huh?" Mindy asked.
      "A puzzle box," Michelle repeated.  "You push in on these little hinge thingies."
      She pushed them in. 
      Mindy gasped.  "You're a genius!"
      Michelle opened the box, and a gust of wind knocked the girls off their feet.
      "What the heck was that?!" Emma screamed.
      "It sounded like a hurricane!" Michelle exclaimed.
      "Let's just put this thing back," Claudia said, replacing it into the box.
      Thunder filled the silence.  Lightning struck.
      "I'll be right back," Claudia said.  "I'm going to go get more boxes in the basement."
      "Okay," Emma said.
      Claudia walked down to the basement but didn't notice Orville step out of a corner.  His face lightened up as lightning struck.
      Claudia moved over to some boxes.  She heard a rustle.  Someone coming down the stairs.
      "Michelle?" Claudia asked.
      Claudia picked up a box and turned the corner to the stairs, but she suddenly dropped the box.  Then, a huge shadow moved over her.
      "It's been a long time," Emma said.  "Claudia's been down there too long."
      "Let's change the subject," Michelle said.  "Anybody hungry besides me?"
      "I am," Mindy said.
      "How about Mexican?!" Candy suggested.
      The girls looked at each other.
      "Okay!" they all agreed.
      A few minutes later, Emma said, "I'm going down to the basement to look for Claudia.
      "Good idea," Michelle said.  "I'll go with you.  After that, I'm going to go wait for the food."
      "Okay," Emma said.  "Let's go."
      They went down to the basement.
      "I don't see her," Emma said after a while.
      "Me either," Michelle said.  "You think she's playing some kind of sick joke?"
      "She wouldn't do that," Emma said.
      "C'mon," Michelle said.
      They walked up the stairs.  What they didn't notice was Claudia's dead body lying in a corner.
      Michelle waited and waited.
      "Where are you, food guy?" Michelle asked herself.
      She backed up and leaned her back against a counter.  Just as she did, an arm popped out and dragged her from the front of the counter.
      "Gosh!" Mindy exclaimed.  "How long is it going to take for the food to get here?!  I'm hungry!"
      "Oh, hold on," Candy said.  "It'll be here before you know it.  By the way, Emma.  You think I could take a shower somewhere?  I feel absolutely dirty!"
      "There's a locker room," Emma said.  "It's for employees only, but I got the key.  Here!"
      Candy caught the key.
      "Thanks!" Candy exclaimed.
      Lightning struck.  Thunder clapped.  The skies were growing very dark.
      Candy stood there, taking a shower.  She cleansed herself and thought:  "That Orville is a creep.  This place is spooky.  I wonder what that gust of wind was."
      Candy heard something.  She turned.
      "Who's there?" she asked.
      "Hello?" the food guy asked.  "Oh, great!  Real funny.  Another big joke!"
      The food guy thought he was being tricked.  He saw a note: "Food guy, we're upstairs.  C'mon up!"
      The food guy started to go into the elevator when he saw a dark figure move.
      "Who's there?" he asked.
      All of a sudden, a hook flew out of nowhere and hit him dead-on!
      "I'm getting tired of this childish crap!" Mindy exclaimed.  "I'm calling the Mexican place."
      Mindy picked up the phone.
      "It's dead," Mindy said.
      "Oh, great!" Emma exclaimed madly.
      Out of nowhere, three bodies fell out of the ceiling!  The girls screamed.  Claudia, Michelle, and the food guy lay dead on the floor!
      The girls ran out of the room but were stopped by Orville.  Mindy kicked him in the stomach, making Orville groan.
      "C'mon!" Emma screamed to Mindy.
      The girls ran up the stairs into Peckinpah's Sporting Goods Store.  They locked the doors.
      "Let's push these cabinets against the door," Mindy said.  "Orville's not getting us!"
      Candy appeared out of nowhere.
      "Where the heck did you come from?!" Emma screamed.
      Candy picked up a machine gun.
      "Run!" Emma screamed to Mindy.
      Mindy hid inside a room, as Emma picked up a machine gun.  Emma defended herself against the possessed Candy, who laughed with a demonic voice!  Finally, Emma ran into another room.
      "Please let this be over, God!" Emma prayed to herself.
      Suddenly, Candy burst into the room.  Emma tried to shoot, but the gun was empty!
      "Now, I don't have to shoot you!" Candy screamed.  "I can rip your head off just like I wanted to in the first place!"
      "Hockstatter!!" Orville screamed, opening the door and holding a machine gun.
      "So long, neighbor!" Candy screamed.
      Orville held up a cross.
      "No!" Candy screamed.
      Candy jumped out of the glass window to her death.
      The police had arrived.  Emma, Mindy, and Orville went to the hospital in gurneys.  They were slightly hurt.  The ambulance sped down the street.
      "This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship!" Mindy said to Orville.