The film was re-released to DVD and video by New Concorde as a part of the Massacre Collection.

DVD Special Features

  1. Digitally Re-mastered
  2. Original Trailer
  3. Cast Biographies
  4. Interacitve Menus
  5. Scene Index
  6. Preview Attractions

Some extra scenes are included in the re-release.
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Video Captures

  1. Continuation of scene in which Jackie invites the girls into the house. They tell her what they brought and everything, and Jackie then goes out on the back porch to prepare the coals for the food Sarah was supposed to bring. Jackie then has a talk with Maria, who's really excited about her new job, telling Jackie she's dating a 50-year-old man! Maria leaves Jackie on the porch, and Jackie then spots her cat and pets it. Just as Jackie closes the sliding door, she hears her cat screech and she says to herself, "I thought he was fixed..."
  2. After Jackie gets off the phone with Morgan, he picks up a book on Human Anatomy. The scene then cuts to the street where Frank, Tom, and Michael have stopped the car and are debating whether to go and scare the girls or not. Tom and Michael finally wrestle the keys away from Tom and get the Halloween masks out of the car trunk.
  3. Another scene with Frank, Tom, and Michael shows them walking down the sidewalk just goofing around and talking about their plan to scare the girls.
  4. I'm not sure, but there seems to be a bit more in Ken and Juliette's love scene.
  5. After O'Riley hangs up on Jackie's distraught call after discovering Juliette's dead body, the other cop suggests that O'Riley may be wrong about his decision to ignore the call.
  6. Right before Jackie decides to go into the basement, the girls are sitting around and Janine asks how long it's been since Ken and Tom left. Susie then comments on the pizza-stained carpet, and Diane feels like she's in a concentration camp.
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