1.) What type of shirt does Coach Jana have on before getting killed in SPM?

a. Espirit
b. Tommy Hilfiger
c. Speedo

2.) What is Jackie's address in SPM 3?

a. 329 Edgewood
b. 392 Edgewood
c. 492 Edgewood

3.) Which actor played the Paper Boy in SPM?

a. Aaron Lipstadt
b. Frances Menendez
c. Ryan Kennedy

4.) Which two SPM actors starred alongside each other in the 1988 horror movie, Iced?

a. Debra Deliso and Joe Johnson
b. Robin Stille and Brinke Stevens
c. Michael Villela and Michele Michaels

5.) Which SPM 2 actress refused to do nudity, despite a previous Playboy bunny status?

a. Heidi Kozak
b. Kimberly McArthur
c. Juliette Cummins

6.) Which SPM 3 actress was also in Friday the 13th 2?

a. Marta Kober
b. Maria Ford
c. Hope Marie Carlton

7.) What is SPM's body count?

a. 13
b. 12
c. 7

8.) What alias did Robin Stille (of SPM) used to have?

a. Robin McClellan
b. Robin Bates
c. Robin Rochelle

9.) What was SPM 3 originally titled?
a. Sleepless Nights
b. Stab in the Dark
c. Don't Let Go

10.) Which SPM series director is also involved with her husband's entertainment law firm?

a. Amy Jones
b. Sally Mattison
c. Deborah Brock

11.) Which movie critic has a fondness for the SPM and SHM movies?

a. Leonard Maltin
b. Joe Bob Briggs
c. Roger Ebert

12.) Which film does Valerie watch in SPM?

a. Superstition
b. The Town That Dreaded Sundown
c. Hollywood Boulevard

13.) Which SHM series director was assitant to the director on SPM?

a. Carol Frank
b. Jim Wynorski
c. Ellen Cabot

14.) Which New Concorde feature reuses footage from the SPM movies?

a. Burial of the Rats
b. The Coroner
c. Munchie

15.) Which SHM 2 and HTD star produced and acted in 1995's Alien Escape aka Galaxy Girls?

a. Bridget Carney
b. Gail Harris
c. Melissa Moore

16.) Who currently owns the rights to the SPM and SHM series?

a. Embassy Entertainment
b. Warner Brothers
c. New Concorde

17.) Who composed the music for SPM 2?

a. Ralph Jones
b. Edward Bilous
c. Richard Cox

18.) Who performed some of the songs in SPM 2?

a. Wednesday Week
b. Stacy Q
c. The Go-Gos

19.) Which SPM 3 character was originally supposed to live?

a. Maria
b. Diane
c. Janine

20.) Which actresses are featured on the back cover of SPM 3?

a. Melissa Moore and Stacia Zhivago
b. Michele Michaels and Jennifer Meyers
c. Gail Harris and Karen Mayo Chandler

21.) Which of these films has Deborah Dutch (HTD) appeared in?

a. The Man Who Wasn't There
b. The Bikini Carwash Company 2
c. Dinosaur Valley Girls

22.) Which SPM actress is returning for SPM 4?

a. Brinke Stevens
b. Jennifer Meyers
c. Debra Deliso

23.) What sport tryouts are the girls informed about in SPM?

a. Tennis
b. Football
c. Baseball

24.) How many people had Russ Thorn (SPM) already murdered before escaping?

a. 5
b. 3
c. 10

25.) How many snails does Mr. Contant kill in SPM?

a. 54
b. 53
c. 64

26.) How does Russ Thorn die in SPM?

a. Has hands cut off.
b. Falls through machete.
c. Has stomach slit open.

27.) Where is Juliette's dead body found in SPM 3?

a. Stuffed in a garment bag in a closet.
b. In the bathroom.
c. In the basement.

28.) Which SPM 3 star has also appeared in People Under the Stairs and Bless the Child?

a. Brittain Frye
b. Yan Birch
c. Keely Christian

29.) Which SPM movie is available in both R and unrated versions?

a. Part 1
b. Part 2
c. Part 3

30.) Which SPM 2 star was also in Pumpkinhead (1988)?

a. Joel Hoffman
b. Heidi Kozak
c. Kimberly McArthur


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1.) c. Speedo

2.) b. 392 Edgewood

3.) b. Frances Menendez

4.) a. Debra Deliso and Joe Johnson

5.) b. Kimberly McArthur

6.) a. Marta Kober

7.) b. 12

8.) c. Robin Rochelle

9.) b. Stab in the Dark

10.) b. Sally Mattison

11.) b. Joe Bob Briggs

12.) c. Hollywood Boulevard

13.) a. Carol Frank

14.) b. The Coroner

15.) b. Gail Harris

16.) c. New Concorde

17.) c. Richard Cox

18.) a. Wednesday Week

19.) b. Diane

20.) a. Melissa Moore and Stacia Zhivago

21.) a. The Man Who Wasn't There

22.) a. Brinke Stevens

23.) c. Baseball

24.) a. 5

25.) b. 53

26.) b. Falls through machete.

27.) a. Stuffed in a garment bag in a closet.

28.) b. Yan Birch

29.) c. Part 3

30.) a. Joel Hoffman


Approx. 10 Correct - Not too good, but try again.
Approx. 20 Correct - Pretty good.
Approx. 30 Correct - You know your stuff!