• The film is also available in an unrated version.

  • The DVD version has seven extra minutes intact. Scenes include more of the party, the girls talking on the back porch, more of the cops, etc. Watch video clips of some of those scenes.

  • The interior of Jackie's (Keely Christian) house is also used in Sorority House Massacre 2.

  • The trailer reuses footage from Sorority House Massacre.

  • Diane (Brandi Burkett) was originally supposed to live.

  • Maria Claire (Susie) played alongside Heidi Kozak (Sally, SPM 2) in Society (1989).

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  • Notice anything interesting in the cast line-up for Keely Christian's short-lived 1989 sitcom, A Brand New Life?

    Cast (in credits order)

    Barbara Eden .... Barbara McCray Gibbons
    David Tom .... Bart McCray
    Don Murray .... Roger Gibbons

    rest of cast listed alphabetically:

    Brandi Burkett
    Keely Christian
    Holly Fields .... Tammy
    Lee Garlington .... Linda
    Jennie Garth .... Ericka McCray
    Shawnee Smith .... Amanda Gibbons
    Alison Sweeney .... Christy McCray
    Byron Thames .... Laird Gibbons

    It also featured Brandi Burkett!! Not only that, but there's also some stars from two of my favorite movies, I Saw What You Did (the fantastic TV remake) and Seven Minutes in Heaven--Shawnee Smith and Byron Thames, respectively. Oh, and Sammy from Days of Our Lives, lmao. Thought I'd share that tidbit. Thanks to IMDb

  • Information regarding the shooting locations from Sally Mattison:

    The interior house scenes were shot on sets at the Concorde studio in Venice. The beach scene was shot on Venice Beach.

  • Notice anything funny in the picture below? ...Oil Drilling...maybe just a coincidence?

  • Beverly Gray (story editor for the film, along with Slumber Party Massacre 2, Sorority House Massacre 2, Hard to Die, and possibly the first Sorority House Massacre) is the mother of the boy featured in the photograph of young Ken. Visit her site here.

  • Visit the Femme Fatales page to get a bunch of trivia on all the SPM movies.
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