Title: Slumber Party Massacre 3
Originally titled: Nite Lite
aka: Stab, Stab in the Dark
Year: 1990
Genre: Horror
Color: Yes
Running Time: 80 minutes
Rated: R
Production Company: New Concorde

Director: Sally Mattison
Sally Mattison
Found at: Bernard M. Resnick: Attorney at Law

Writer: Catherine Cyran
Catherine Cyran

Plot Outline

Seven California co-eds are dressed to kill... And a murderer is, well, dressed to drill. He's an insomno-maniac looking for luscious bods to bore and it looks like he'll find them at the SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE.

The DRILLER KILLER is back in PART III of the classic horror fest. This time Jackie, Diana and Martia are three high school girls who love a good time. When they party they bust out of their bikinis and break out the brews - but the driller killer's out for a thrill with his drill... and he's ready to kill.

Summary 1990, New Horizons Home Video.


It's driller time...and this bit's for you!


"Drive-in Academy Award Nomination! Nine breasts. Ten dead bodies. Speargun to the leg. Polo mallet to the head... Joe Bob says check it out!"

-- Joe Bob Briggs, "Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-in"

"Power drill through the upholstery. Sledgehammer Fu. Bleach in the eyes... Joe Bob says check it out!"

-- Joe Bob Briggs, "Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-in"

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