1.wav (00:28)
Jamie Sheriff main score.

2.wav (00:13)
Slumber outside.

3.wav (00:28)
Sarah gets drilled to death.

4.wav (00:29)
Hold Your Fire

5.wav (00:26)
Open house.

6.wav (00:09)

7.wav (00:29)

8.wav (00:29)
Striptease terror.

9.wav (00:08)
The bright side.

10.wav (00:27)
Michael's death.

11.wav (00:08)

12.wav (00:23)
Trading shirts.

13.wav (00:11)
At least he has food.

14.wav (00:24)
Fast food on the run.

15.wav (00:29)
Intense expression.

16.wav (00:18)
Weirdo scare.

17.wav (00:25)
Jackie's talk with O'Riley.

18.wav (00:13)
Know this guy?

19.wav (00:25)
Kiss first, ask questions later.

20.wav (00:20)
One kinky guy.

21.wav (00:05)
Melted pizza.

22.wav (00:20)
Juliette is found dead.

23.wav (00:15)
Not a prank call.

24.wav (00:03)
Never, ever admit your weaknesses.

25.wav (00:19)
The weirdo's dead!

26.wav (00:22)
Ken makes a call.

27.wav (00:10)

28.wav (00:07)
Was it something I said?

29.wav (00:02)
Be nice!

30.wav (00:15)
What a waste...

31.wav (00:16)
Maria talks it out with Ken.

32.wav (00:18)
Maria meets a gruesome end.

33.wav (00:15)
Marco Polo!

34.wav (00:09)
Remembering Uncle Billy.

35.wav (00:25)
Jackie goes crazy on the driller killer.

36.wav (00:24)
Twist and Scream.

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