• When the Pizza Girl (Marta Kober) gets killed, the drill is obviously turned off.

  • The VHS and DVD covers feature pictures of Melissa Moore and Stacia Zhivago from SHM 2.

  • The knife blade bends when Frank stabs the killer in the leg.

  • When the camera follows Ken going towards the girls trying to get out the back door, you can clearly see a piece of the set holding up the light he later breaks with the drill and the upstairs is all open with no ceiling.

  • Right before Ken drills Diane in the side, there is a shot of her running and she already has the blood on her.

  • When Jackie, Diane, and Maria are trying to escape out the window, Maria is halfway out the window. The camera switches to Ken and then back to her and she is on the floor.

  • When Michael is being dragged away with the sign in his chest, the pole is a lot shorter. Also, when the killer is placing the sign back in front of the house, there is no blood on it.

  • When Jackie is stabbing Ken with the drill in the final scene, the drill bit does not touch him.

  • During the strip scene, you hear the song change to a different verse when the camera switches to Maria.

  • Juliette's hair keeps changing during the sex scene. You can totally tell it's a wig they made the double wear.

  • After Ken gets stabbed in the leg, you see that the wound is in different places.

  • When Jackie gets dropped off by Frank and you see her standing in front of her house, she's holding that red LA bag thingy. The camera switches to the open front door and back at her; the bag is reversed to the other side. Also, while she is standing there, you see Ken's blue van drive by in the street.

  • Maria says to Ken, "You said you wouldn't hurt me if I didn't move..." He never says that.

    Thanks to Joe for the 10 goofs above.

  • When Maria's drying the wet floor with the towel, she's doing it with a pink towel at first, but in the close-up shot, she's using a blue towel.

  • If you pay attention to the front door on the outside, it has a square window, but when they are inside the window for the front door is like a half circle shape. (This is only in certain scenes, like when they're sitting in the living room)

    Thanks to "BogeyManMovie" for the above goof.

  • The back of the DVD cover lists Maria Claire as "Maria Clark."

  • Jackie's address is stated as being "392 Edgewood," but in some shots you can see that the address is actually 4 numbers and starts with a 2 (particularly in the shot where the camera pans down to show the house, right before Frank drops Jackie off). Anybody that can tell me the actual address or even just make out the numbers, please e-mail me!

  • After Michael is killed, the killer removes the lightbulb of the lamp on Jackie's front porch. Later on, right after the pizza girl is killed, a shot of the house is shown with light coming from that very spot. Guess Jackie had a spare one on hand...?

  • When Janine comes back downstairs from spying on Ken and Juliette, you can see a female crew member (quite possibly Catherine Cyran) standing in the background with her arms folded, watching the scene being filmed...!

    Thanks to Jade and Craig for the tip on this goof.
    Catherine Cyran, is that you we see?  Click to view full size

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