4-21-07 (Old News)
The following is from an excellent Retro Slashers interview done with Jim Wynorski. I'd been meaning to post this news for the longest time just to tie up loose ends...

Retro Slashers: Following that, you shot an official Sorority House Massacre 3 - around two years ago. It was never released though it was supposed to be retitled Final Exam. Another strange move. Then your buddy Fred Olen Ray releases a movie called Final Examination. Any link there? When will we see your new movie? And just what is in the water over at Concorde?

Jim Wynorski: That picture you're referring to is now titled The Legacy. It stars Nikki Nova, Angela Little, Deana Merryman, and Ross Hagan; just to name a few. It was scheduled to be released later this year by Roger Corman's Concorde Pictures, but now that he's closed up shop - the release most certainly will be delayed while they search for another distributor.

1-08-02 (News from 1-2-03)
"FINAL EXAM was shot under the assumption that it would be eventually called SORORITY HOUSE MASSACRE 3. However, one can never be sure that will happen. I'm currently editing the picture and planning some days of effects shooting for early Feb. I assume the picture won't be finished until April or May." (Jim Wynorski)

12-27-02 (News from 8-25-02)
"Also wanted to let you know that I just wrapped principal photography on SORORITY HOUSE MASSACRE 3, starring seven of the hottest internet models around(including Playmate Angela Little, Nikki Nova, Deana Merryman, Charlie O'Neal, Kitana Baker, Samantha Phillips and many others." (Jim Wynorski)

So begins the wait for Sorority House Massacre 3. Who knows...it might change titles...it might take forever...it might come out in a few months... However, it will all be profiled here--so stay tuned!
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