As three frat boys sit around one night, bored with nothing to do, one of them mentions that a nearby sorority is having an initiation. They're sure that the sorority leader, Babs (Robin Rochelle), will probably have something off-the-wall planned for the pledges, so they sneak on other to see what's going on. When the boys arrive at the sorority, they peer outside through a window as Babs wacks the girls in their fannies with a huge, wooden paddle. When the boys take their peeping tom act too far, the sorority leaders force them to spend the night in a shopping mall bowling alley with the pledges and steal a bowling trophy. Unknowlingly to the group, the sorority leaders have sneaked along to do a little scaring.

While at the bowling alley, frat boy Calvin (Andras Jones) meets a streetwise, filthy-mouthed femme fatale robber named Spider (Linnea Quigley). When the college students finally find a trophy, they accidentally unleash a wisecracking but evil imp from the trophy who grants wishes that soon become deadly. Keith (John Stuart Wildman) wishes for a sexpot, and Lisa (Michelle Bauer) is transformed into a tentalizing but overwhelming temptress. Jimmie (Hal Havins) wishes for gold, but his fortune turns into wooden blocks. Taffy (Brinke Stevens) wishes to be the prom queen, but her dazzling dress soon changes to rags.

Soon, the joke's on them when the imp transforms two of the three sorority leaders into hideous monsters that run amok and do his evil bidding. The entire mall is instantly locked by the imp as well, preventing anyone to escape alive. Spider and Calvin come together to fight the evil forces unleashed by the imp, resulting in a wacky schlocker that delivers. Can and will the imp be stopped for good?

This film is definitely a fun romp that combines horror, comedy, fantasy, and bimbo movie magic! The overall cast is a familiar and exciting one, including scream queens Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, and Michelle Bauer, Robin Rochelle (who sadly committed suicide in 1996, also in The Slumber Party Massacre), Andras Jones (currently in the band, The Previous, also in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master), Hal Havins (Night of the Demons, Witchtrap), Buck Flower, and Dukey Flyswatter (the voice of the Imp, also in Nightmare Sisters).

The exciting plot unravels with the wonderful b-movie antics that I'm so fond of. Released in 1988 and directed by David DeCoteau, the film is a bit familiar when compared to Dawn of the Dead (1978) and The Initiation (1983), but is still an entertaining and goofy movie to watch. The Imp is a rubber-like creature that is very laughable, along with the terror that insues. If you enjoy b-movies, then you'll love this wonderful entry in the genre.

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