Joe Bob Briggs has always been an idol of mine. His taste in many b-movies makes me very fond of him, along with his incredible sense of humor and the lenghty comments he gives throughout the many films he used to host on such shows as Joe Bob Goes to Drive-In (The Movie Channel) and MonsterVision (TNT). He hosted Sorority House Massacre 2 and Hard to Die frequently on TMC, along with many others I've grown to love.


Slumber Party Massacre 3

"Drive-in Academy Award Nomination! Nine breasts. Ten dead bodies. Speargun to the leg. Polo mallet to the head... Joe Bob says check it out!"

"Power drill through the upholstery. Sledgehammer Fu. Bleach in the eyes... Joe Bob says check it out!"

Sorority House Massacre 2

"Four stars...Will surely become the standard for all horror flicks!!!"

"There may have been better horror films made, but not with this many women in their underwear... Four stars... Joe Bob says check it out."

Hard to Die

"I LOVE THIS MOVIE!...It's the female version of DIE HARD, full of lighting-hot action and sizzling drama!"

While Joe Bob was on TNT's MonsterVision, I wrote him a letter and after awhile, he finally wrote back. Included in the mail was a handwritten letter and an autographed picture of the critic himself!

The letter reads:


Dear Tony -

I agree with absolutely everything you said. You should be hosting this show, because I can't do anything with these guys.

Hang in there -
Joe Bob

And the autographed photo said:

To Tony -
All my best, Joe Bob

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