The film opens up at a ski lodge where a group of friends are having a good time skiing the slopes. When Jeff (Dan Smith), who invited Trina (Debra Deliso, Kim from SPM), challenges Cory (Doug Stevenson) to a late-night race to win Trina's affections, he fails miserably and becomes enraged. Attempting the course once again by himself, Jeff has a terrible accident in which he flies off a slope and falls dead onto a rock-filled area.

Move to four years later, when now-married Trina and Cory are traveling to yet another ski resort to meet up with the friends they haven't seen ever since that fateful night. The luxurious and wintery setting is all thanks to Alex (Joseph Alan Johnson, Neil from SPM), one of the owners of the ski lodge.

As the friends settle in, they wait for their other friends to arrive and complete the seven of them. Although, someone in a ski oufit has other plans as the friends are killed one by one in grisly ways. As the friends try to uncover the mystery and even think that Jeff has returned, they drop off like flies until Trina is left to face the shocking truth...

Fairly entertaining, but not exactly what I was hoping for, Iced (directed by Jeff Kwitny) is one of the countless late-eighties horror films filled with cheese. Although, you've got two The Slumber Party Massacre stars featured: Debra Deliso and Joseph Alan Johnson, who also wrote the film.

There's some pretty tense scenes involved, but there are also some very ridiculous scenes (i.e. Deliso's character running from the killer outside in the snow wearing her underwear). The plot is pretty typical and clichéd, but if you try to have fun with it and have a few laughs, it's not that bad of a movie. aka Blizzard of Blood

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