The wonderful actress, Kelli Maroney, who stunned you in such films as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Night of the Comet, Chopping Mall, and many, other films, was nice enough to take some time out of her busy schedule of planning her wedding and answer a few questions of mine. Also, you might be aware that she had a small role in Hard to Die, which was a part of the Sorority House Massacre series.

A recent photo of the beautiful actress.Q: Acting must be a very high aspiration for you. What steps were taken in shaping yourself into what you've accomplished in your life?
A: there weren't steps taken per se--I was just following my passion for acting, movies, and wanted to make it. If I could have chosen my 'breaks" they wouldve looked more like studio pictures and less like B Movie Babe roles, but I grabbed whatever opportunity came my way. I think its silly to think that we are in control of our destinys. How many people can say that they planned everything that happened in their lives--we just make the most of (or not) of whatever happens, don't we?

Q: What are some of your interests or hobbies that you take part in?
A: I'm very into healing modalities and spiritual studies of all kinds....we are kept super busy with our rescue puppy and I love animals of all kinds. We also have 2 rescue cats. and we go to the movies, watch DVDs and just generally love film.

Q: Among the several cast and crew members you've collaborated with, which ones have you enjoyed working with the most? Do you keep in contact with many people from any of your projects?
A: I have to say that I loved working with Joe Mantegna maybe the most of all the stars. I also learned alot from Louise Shaffer, the actress who played my mom on Ryans' Hope when I was a teen. I stayed friends with many people--Louise, Thom Eberhardt, Jim Wynorski, Tony ODell, Barbara Crampton, and Frank Darabont, who was on the art department on "The Zero Boys!" of all's a great business in many ways.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982, Cindy)

Q: Do you consider yourself as a "scream queen," having appeared in such genre entries as "Night of the Comet," "Chopping Mall," and "Servants of Twilight?"
A: I guess I'm most known as a B movie actress from those films--I wasn't a Scream Queen--not in that crowd, and I don't think fans neccesarily think of me in that group--with Brinke Stevens and Linea Quigley. I sure never made as many movies as they did.

Q: What are some of the favorite pieces of work you've done?
A: My favorite has to be NOC because it has a place in so many people's hearts. I still get alot of letters and people always tell me that they are so fond of that film. I am also very proud that I am in Fast Times At Rigdemont High.

Q: Do you know what Pamela Springsteen, a co-star in "Fast Times at Ridegmont High," who was also in the last two "Sleepaway Camp" movies, Brinke Stevens, a co-star in "Transylvania Twist" and "Scream Queen Hot Tub Party," Nicole Rio, a co-star in "The Zero Boys," or Mary Woronov, a co-star in "Night of the Comet" and Chopping Mall," are up to today? Do you still keep in touch with any of these actresses?
A: I believe Pamela is a photographer, Brinke Stevens is around--doing the con circuit, Nicole I don't know about, Mary has a book out--havent gotten a chance to pick it up yet. None of these actresses you mentioned do I keep in touch with--sorry to say.

Night of the Comet (1984, Samantha Belmont)

Q: What are some of your favorite movies, actors, music, etc.?
A: my favorite actor has to be Anthony Hopkins. I think my favorite actress is Lily Taylor. I appreciate all good work though and see alot of smaller films as well as big budget, to keep current on who's doing mind blowing work. I recently loved Liev Shrieber and Ned Beatty in Spring Forward. We're spending alot of the Xmas break catching up on all those films this year. I thought Traffic was a masterpiece. I listen to all kinds of music--very equal-opportunity. We are having Chamber music AND a 13 piece Swing band (1930s) at our wedding. I also like jazz, punk, Elvis (both) and love Chris Issak. spelling? its early. : )

Q: What are some of the inspirations in your work?
A: I have been very inspired by my first acting coach Roy London and later on his protogee Cameron Thor. Also I think I stole alot from watching old movies as a kid. Love Charlie Chaplin, Lucy, Bette Davis. Gone With The Wind.

Q: With "Chopping Mall" being released soon to DVD, what all is planned as extras?
A: I don't know any more about the extras exept that we did the commentary--me, Barbara, Jim and Steve Mitchell just gabbing and goofing around,telling stories about life on the set.

Chopping Mall (1986, Alison Parks, A.K.A. Killbots)

Q: Of your work, what have been some of the most successful ones? Were "Night of the Comet" or "Chopping Mall" successful?
A: NOC is a cult classic, I guess and Chopping Mall is too. Fast Times At Ridgemont High certainly. I never made a lot of money on them, if that's what you mean by successful, but clearly they remain popular with fans.

Q: What was it like working with cult movie veteran Roger Corman, in such films as "Chopping Mall," the "Not of this Earth" remake, and "Translyvania Twist?"
A: Roger and I never 'worked together'--he was just around for the casting process of Big Bad Mama II. I met him but that's it. Julie Corman his wife was producer on Chopping Mall.

Q: Do you perform many of your own stunts?
A: because of the low budget of these films, I did many of my own stunts, exept setting myself on fire and breaking through glass! Alot of things are done with camera work and no one really needed to do stunts--exept the editor.

Hard to Die (1990, Porno Wife)

Q: "Night of the Comet" and "Chopping Mall" are two of my all-time favorites. What was it like working on these films?
A: Great--some of the best memories of my life. I harldy ever turn down an opportunity to do a role because it is so darn much fun.

Q: Have you married yet, or have any children or pets?
A: getting married next month--answered the pet question.

Q: What are you currently doing on and off the set?
A: I did Chiller Theatre in Oct. and may do an independent short later this spring. I'm writing but that is going slow--no time! Im planning the wedding which is like producing. I produced a short film last year 'sam and mike' and that was a great warm-up for this production.

Q: When you played "Porno Wife" in "Hard to Die," why were you credited as D. Mason Keener, a character from "Night of the Comet?" What was it like working on that film?
A: It was because I didn't want to be seen in Hard To Die, did it as a favor to Jim and didn't want to be called Porno Wife. So he gave me an alias. Seemed important at the time. oh, well.

You've always been one of my favorite actresses ever, and I was very pleased to ask you some questions. Thank you very much for being so cool and doing this interview!

Thanks so much for asking me to do an interview. If you need any more info please let me know. Merry Xmas!! Happy New Year. Happy Chanakkah! Kwanza!

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