Q: First off, what do you think of my little tribute dedicated to you?
A: Well, I love your tribute. Wow o wow o wow! At first, I read tirade, and I thought—well, both are cool as long as you care—brilliant.  

Q: Unfortunately, your movies are very hard to track down nowadays. When are movies like “Frost,” “Corpses Are Forever,” “Zombiegeddon,” and “Each Time I Kill” going to actually be released?
A: “Corpses” is being shopped. I love the short he did and incorporated it--called “Nerve,” and well, I'm waiting since Doris died. It's been hard to get it right for them, and “Frost” is a director in Europe, and “Zombiegeddon” is coming--I don't know but soon. Plus, there are a whole lot more. They are showing “Miss Maniac” at a con in Georgia soon—it's on my site. Because of problems with a money-stealing man on “Sexbomb,” it just got released. Jeff did a great job—it's fun and all, and we did the cover and commentary.

Q: In the last interview, I completely forgot to ask you about “Night of the Demons,” one of my favorite horror/Linnea movies. Tell me all you can remember about the shoot, goof-ups on the set, make-up, meeting Steve Johnson, and anything else.
A: Wow, what a trip! On “Night of the Demons”—well, the last night and day I had to go in at 3 in the afternoon and got makeup applied for 12 hours and then it was for the dawn shot. Oh god, I thought I'd lose it! I'm not the type to sit. I did meet my future husband--we didn't date till after the film and then dated for 5 years and married for two--got him work and all with some very cool people and all, and I have not heard from him in years and years—I have no clue. I loved the lipstick trick. I just love the funny stuff. Oh man! I told the director that it would be scary if I popped out of makeup saying, “Run, Judy, run!” since I didn't want to have another day of makeup, and it worked--it was for me and for the movie, but I hate that stuff on my face—yuck! I couldn't see with the red contacts and kept getting yelled at by Steve since I was weird about putting them in my eyes. It was, to me, creepy. I had to practice gouging eyes out of Jay, so now maybe that's why the marriage thing didn't work.

I loved Kevin, the director--he is so cool, and it was a movie I kept turning down. I really didn't think they wanted me. I was much older than the cast, and I didn't think I'd work, and I would look like stupid, and they would say, “Oh thanks for coming,” and no word, but they did want me, and I really thank them for that. The one trouble I had was--I couldn't say was--I had no idea what it meant or how to say it, which makes it worse--mind freeze--so I'd be like saying it in my mind too much and always get it wrong.  We shot all nights, and the traffic was awful going through downtown L.A. with zombie stuff--I looked sick.

Q: As you may know, many of the shots in “Skin” are parodies of shots from Madonna's “Sex” book. Was there any controversy at the time concerning copyright infringement, and what is your personal opinion on the pop goddess herself?
A: As for the “Skin” book, wow what a time it took--a year. A lot of photos are still not in it, but the writer, Jane Hamel, and Dan the photographer and Thom Kuntz the designer of the front and a zombie and all the people were great--Tony Todd, oh god, a lot of funny stories on that! Wow o wow! I have a behind the scenes of some of it. I got into a fresh grave on the last day we shot, and my legs were a bit shaky. I was scared the people would come back before they put dirt over it and see me laying on the casket. Oh, naughty me. “E.T.” did a thing on it-- and no trouble--they ate it up—it was a work of love.

Q: Speaking of Madonna, would you consider yourself to have a gay following?
A: Oh yes—a lot of my fans are gay, and I love them. They are the best, best, best! I love them all—gay, straight, not sure, whatever—it's cool as long as everyone is happy and not picked on or I get mad.

Q: What exactly is “Santa Monica Blvd. Boys” about?
A: Well the song SMBB is something I just came up with since a lot of times guys are too guy-friendly, and you wonder. So, I just wrote something—it's fun.  

Q: Many film sources (like imdb.com) have you credited as “Hooker” in “The Prophecy III: The Ascent.” I remember searching the movie for your face but coming to no avail. Are you actually even in this movie?
A: I have no clue. I just checked imdb, and unless they used some sort of old film or something, I did not do that film. And, oh, a tidbit--I just got I'm on Static-X CD the album, “Wisconsin Death Trip”--the song says, “I'm With Stupid.” I just found out myself, but the only thing I can think is—I recorded over at Ivan's--the drummer for Rob Zombie, and they probably got me giggling and talking. That's the only thing I can think of. I miss my friends in L.A. and have lost touch—it's hard. I miss that.

(Note: The Static-X song, “I'm With Stupid,” uses a soundbyte of Linnea talking to Andras Jones's character from “Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama.”) 

Q: What kind of movies and music have you noticed to your likening lately? Oh, and what '80s horror movies do you like?
A: Oh, I like a lot of films--Christopher Guest's movies--I love the older horror—TCM, and not the remake—I haven't seen. Kevin Smith, and wow, Peter Jackson—hurray! I'm so into documentaries too--really into them. 

  Q: You definitely have a loyal and large fan following. Do you have any interesting stories meeting fans…or obsessive fans? Hehe
A: Well yes, in fact, the fans--I hate to call them that, but yes, I've had a few bad, bad ones in the last few years which is not usual. I don't know but it has caused a lot of problems—a lot—and I feel very sad, but I can't help them--I really can't. I used to think I could, but it only enables them, and things get worse and dangerous.

Q: In our 2002 interview, you mentioned such things as cosmetic surgery and marriage (“I'm going to be married this year. That's my prediction. I'm that kind of girl.”). Any advances in either area?
A: Oh wow—it's taking longer than I thought--the marriage thing, and well, cosmetic surgery is not an option now, but I'd think of it. I don't want to say. I will, but, who knows--maybe both at the same time. Ok, marry a plastic surgeon—thanks, you solved that.

Q: How many and what kind of animals do you have, and how do you find the time to take care of them all? A: I have lost some in the last year. That has torn me apart badly--I lose a bit of me now. I'm down to 4 dogs--three big, one small--and two cats. I have to get house sitters and stuff, so they have someone to sleep with, and there are these poison toads here. I'm just a wreck going away and away. I've been, I've given mouth-to-mouth to lizards that fall in the pool, so I'm just into rescue work--I can't help it, but I do get them homes. I'd love to keep them all, but it's not fair if I find a good home, they go to it--and it hurts, but they will be happy and have the care and all I can't afford and have time for, so I do it. 

Q: “Graduation Day” is a guilty pleasure of mine and a definite cheesy '80s slasher. What all do you remember about that experience?
A: On “Graduation Day,” I remember running after eating lunch and getting very sick, and I didn't have the part--the girl who had it said, “I'm not being topless,” so I was second in line. It was cool. I was also filming “The Black Room” and working with the band too. We had just done “Nice Dreams,” and it was fun. I met Vanna before she spun and remember her showing us a mud wrestling ad for the paper's ad she had done. 

Q: Tell me about the more recent movies you've done, like “The Notorious Colonel Steele,” “It Came from Trafalgar,” “Miss Maniac,” (aka “Charlie and Sadie”) and “Unaware.” Anything else up your sleeves?
A: Oh man, I have a biggie coming up. I'm almost scared to say since it's big. I have lead, and it's the people involved in “The Thin Red Line” and Kathy Bates, Sulu from “Startrek,” and it's called “King Tori,” and I'm doing some before that also. I can't wait till the others come out—that's exciting for me. I have no clue, but I'll be seeing soon. I start the biggie in June.  

Q: I've been hearing so many good things about Screamfest 2003 and how The Skirts rocked live. What all do you have to say about that and your band's comeback?
A: Well considering we had no rehearsal, and I had 10-year-old strings and did just a marathon playing before. It went well--Joey is great, and we played another gig, and the songs were on “Zeta with the DJ Razor.” I think it went well--the second one went better musically at the Culture Room. We had [a] one hour rehearsal that time, and it's exciting. I'm recording with the director of “It Came from Trafalgar.” I did one song, but I'm doing a CD. I hope so much for Joey to have time to do the drums. He is sooo great--I have a video that is for camera shoot that is being edited from the Screamfest, and that will be out soon—also, considering it had been sooo long, I guess it went ok. I was more than terrified.

Q: What is this all about the January 31st appearance on VH1? I'm very excited you're going to be on TV!
A:   I found out from the writer and all--Craig Tomashaff--it was rated the highest. They said the horror fans are the most committed, and it got the highest ratings, so let VH1 know horror is it, and they better have me back, and I want money, hahahha! 

Q: Originally, I'd wanted to see “Kolobos” solely for your cameo but found out it was a very good horror movie. Are you disappointed you weren't in it more?
A: On “Kolobos”--oh man, it was a great movie. The stuff I filmed changed since the ending changed, and they couldn't get everyone back to film in Nebraska, but I did not recognize myself. I mean, I had this old walk I did and padded up, and I really was like “Yuck, who is that?”—it's like shopping, and you look in the awful mirrors and scare yourself. It worked—I was that mother-like type.

Q: Was it your manager's decision or a personal option that made you not do anymore “Vice Academy” films? They didn't seem the same without you after part 2.
A: I decided, and manager also a bit. I got offered a lot of money. Why didn't I try that before? Ahhh…but I just wanted to try to do better and was working so much and so hard for not much, and everyone made money on me. I wish I had done it now since it was a fun time.

Q: Do you know what Elizabeth Kaitan or Karen Russell are up to today?
A: Oh man, I worked with Karen's sister on “Miss Maniac.” She is sooo cool—she's a stunt woman my size—beautiful, and Karen I love—I cast her for the movies I did for Cinema Home Video. She is married now and has a baby—I can't believe it, and last time at the health food store before I left, she was gorgeous. She is so talented as dancer, singer, actress--and Liz I love--she is doing a lot of behind the scenes, is married, I believe, to a cop, and is so great. I miss seeing them.

Q: On imdb.com, you're credited as being in a “Simon & Simon” TV episode back in 1981. What was that all like?
A: I loved doing the big movie set thing. “Simon & Simon” was so fun. They hated my hair, and I was the Close-Up toothpaste girl--they hated my hair, and it was so exciting, and I'm so sly I didn't say a thing--just said my lines. I want to do action, like a heroic trio or something with a bit of Linda Hamilton in it.

Q: Does it annoy you when you're uncredited for movies, even when they're itsy bitsy parts (“Get Crazy,” “Play it to the Bone,” “Deathsport”)?
A: Well, as for movies [I] was not credited for, it's cool.

Q: I've always wondered what one of the “Slumber Party Massacre” or “Sorority House Massacre” movies would be like if you were one of those scantily clad women in peril onscreen. Just curious, but have you ever seen or liked any of these movies or wanted to be in any of them? Anything you've ever wanted to do that you haven't yet?
A: Well, no, I'm not into the “Slumber Party” movies really, but who knows. I did the “Horror Workout” that spoofed the whole thing, so that was [a] two-day wonder that just got thought up on the set of “Murder Weapon,” and we went for it. Man, that got pr too.

Q: What was it like being impaled on deer antlers by Robert Brian Wilson in “Silent Night, Deadly Night” and being a part of that great slasher (“PUNISH!” hehe)? Do you happen to know what Robert's been up to lately?
A: I saw the impaler (hahah) at a con, and he's great--looks better than ever, and I was a bit uncomfortable on the antlers and all, but I cant believe it--got in so much trouble. I was in Mexico, filming “Treasure of the Moon Goddess” with Don Calfa, and I heard about it and thought, “What is that about?” 

Q: Are you one of those actors that make it a point to have every piece of work they've done accessible to them? Do you try to pick up little pieces of memorabilia each time you do a film? I definitely would!
A: I really try to—I pick up stuff from places anyway--a leaf a rock and now, maybe a shoe or something, so many things were promised to me, and now I go, “Well, can I have this or that?” It's my memory--a tag even off the wardrobe.

Q: What is Florida life opposed to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood?
A: Oh god, I really hated and tried to move back and wanted my house I sold back and just hated it--got ripped off here and just miss my friends. It's so different, but I'm ok now--sort of—I travel so much, but I have to tell you—I miss L.A. and my home there and neighbors--they were so cool. I want it back, but sometimes they do happen for some reason or i wouldn't be here.

Q: Anything you'd like to add, like what you've been up to lately and all?
A:   Oh, the site is www.linneaquigleycircle.com, which will tell you where I am and all the stuff for music—it's www.rocketcityrecords.com, and I just want to say thanks for the support and the goodness and keep doing good and the best comes. Don't give up ever on dreams. Love and screams, and thanks--you made my day. Linnea