Imagine my excitement when Linnea Quigley's manager Ric Williams contacted me via the forum, concerning Linnea's new project(s) interview!! I'd been attempting this for awhile until then, and even though I'd contacted Linnea before and almost did an interview (but was canceled due to her own usual, busy life), I finally got the answers to her and after patiently waiting, received handwritten answers in the mail, along with a nifty card (pictured below)! It was literally a dream come true since I'd been wanting to accomplish this since forever. Now, all you viewers can read my interview conducted with my favorite actress ever...the Queen of Scream herself...Linnea Quigley.

Linnea in her teen yearsQ: Tell me about your life growing up. What was the whole relocation to California at such a young age like?

A: I was like wow in L.A. from Iowa but the beach was awful not like movies I saw. I was real lonely 18 and no friends living at home not knowing what to do so I kinda became a different person it was like doing things Iíd never done before. I had always felt ugly and all so it became a challenge to do something totally not me like acting, joining punk band.

Q: At what age did you first start modeling and acting? I remember reading about your two friends in Iím Screaming As Fast As I Can; have you heard anything from them since?

A: I started at 19 acting I did extra roles first. My first real role was Fairy Tales an odd funny film I nearly died finding out I had nude scene.

Q: This has been bugging me forever, but what was your first film role EVER? Iím almost sure that it was Psycho from Texas, which is credited on the IMDb as being shot somewhere from 1974 to 1981.

A: Donít be bugged but it was after Fairy Tales about the same year so about 78-79. I had to be hysterical which I didnít know if I could do.

One of Linnea's less glamorous early roles (PSYCHO IN TEXAS)Q: In Iím Screaming As Fast As I Can, you mentioned a film with Jack Palance in which you were an extra. Can you recall the filmís title or anything of that sort?

A: Oh no but it had John Saxon also. I believe I did stand in for the lead girl. I wish I knew the name. Jack scared me. I was so naÔve. My friends took off and left me they were, I found out later, doing the producers.

Q: I understand you mustíve been very nervous shooting your first-ever sex scene on the set of Fairy Tales. Having done many sex and nude scenes to date, are you a lot more comfortable with doing them now? Do you ever require closed sets?

A: Yes closed sets now I know that I can request that. I never knew I could ask for things like that so when I produced and girl had a naked scene Iíd close it down since I know how an actress doesnít want to make demands since sheís scared to and itís so hard to get a part. I am more prepared for nude scenes. I know whatís written and what actually happens is different and I know how to cheat and cover.

Linnea, beautiful as ever, in FAIRY TALESQ: What is your whole opinion on the way horror and b-movies are sometimes compared to the misogynistic males that influence and produce them? Is working with female crew members very different?

A: Oh come on men love naked women. Itís a compliment like women hate construction workers gawking at them, but when they stop-thatís bad. So what, men are visual. I think females and males to work with are about the same, but the female is more aware of not exploiting the female but a lot of men are too.

Q: Which of the films youíve worked on did you enjoy the most, which did you enjoy the least, and why? Also, which were the most fun to work on, and which were the most grueling? I understand you had some rough times on the sets of Psycho in Texas (beer, anyone?), Treasure of the Moon Goddess, and Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama.

A: Oh itís hard to pick. I miss those times. I thought they would never end. Return of the Living Dead was most grueling by far. I work go to room sleep but I just love working with Michelle, Brinke, Linda Blair, Ken Abrams, Tom Raimone, Steve Latshaw, Kevin Tenney, Josh Peck, Dan OíBannon, David DeCoteau, Jose Prendes, Karen Russell, Liz Kaitan, KNB. Iíve missed some, oh, One Shot Productions, Jesse Franco, Angus Scrimm. Treasure of the Moon Goddess was hard since we moved around Mexico then move for two years then Philippines twice in two months back and forth. Fatal Frames, I was stuck in a hotel room almost a month in Rome, London recently. Richard Priscoll was great director. I loved working on that and with Eileen Daly. Iím really looking forward to working with new director Brian Singleton.

Linnea talks Trash in RETURN OF THE LIVING DEADQ: I read in Iím Screaming As Fast As I Can that you had a phone caller make death threats to you various times and then suddenly stop during the shooting of Return of the Living Dead. Have you had any stalkers or many overly obsessed fans, or have any interesting stories to tell?

A: Oh yes death threats true, weird, I got scared. Iíve recently gotten obsessed fans and they get mad if you donít want to be with them or something. Before leaving L.A., I turned in a pedophile. I learned it before leaving; I had no clue. Iíve had great fans who are friends. I do have trouble with them thinking Iím the person in film Iím not so I hate to let them down but-Iím me.

Q: I know how big of an animal activist you are, which Iím all the way with 100%. What do you think have been some of your biggest contributions to this cause? Stories would be great...

A: I have changed people like the webmaster, Chuck La France, he used to weigh a lot, not be confident, he started to be a vegan, learned stuff, and truly took it to heart. Heís confident, concerned, and lost a lot of weight. A fan in Ohio also had same thing happen. Heís feeling good about himself now. I just want to make people feel good about themselves. Also, hell, these poor animals. Iíve taken fans to shelters, rescued animals; itís cool.

Linnea and co-star Ginger Lynn Allen engage in a catfight (VICE ACADEMY)Q: Iíve heard that Ginger Lynn Allen is notorious for not getting along with other actors (Vice Academy, Vice Academy 2, Dr. Alien!). What was Ginger like, and have there been other instances in which there was on-the-set feuding with co-workers?

A: I guess on Vice Academy 3, the director finally had it with her. She was late, hung over, demanding, and just so nice to your face. I heard promoter just tell me she really stiffed him. I warn people then they see. Iíve had trouble with no one else, but Iíve seen actresses go at it some stupid on set thing. One girl got kicked out of Spain filming from her behavior.

Q: Does the overall experience of working on adult films such as Kidnapped Girls Agency, 8 Legs To Love You, Curse of the Lesbian Love Goddess, and Pleasureville differ much from your standard films?

A: Those were weird. Those are not standard for me. I felt very weird.

Linnea with two of her fave co-stars Elizabeth Kaitan and Karen Russell (THE GIRL I WANT)Q: USA Up All Night, a much missed latenight favorite of mine, mustíve been a blast to appear on. That was the only place Iíve ever seen The Girl I Want. Do you have any interesting stories, and what was it like working with Rhonda Shear and Gilbert Gottfried?

A: I loved doing Up All Night. Ail Improve and Rhonda and I worked together really well. I loved Gilbert too. I miss that show so much.

Q: I think you did an outstanding job in Savage Streets as the deaf-mute sister of Linda Blair. What was the whole experience like working on this exploitation favorite, along with Linda Blair herself?

One of Linnea's most dramatic roles (SAVAGE STREETS)A: Oh man, well, Cherie Currie was cast in Linda's role, and one day at rehearsals, Linda Blair walks in and people are fired the first time. I tried to be shorter since I play her younger sister. She's this, icon, to me. I'm scared I'll be fired. It was scary to be acting with "Linda Blair." I felt funny since all the other girls had cool makeup and costumes and I'm like really feeling like the younger sister, wanting to put on more lipstick, etc., be cool. I was really impressed with her.

Q: Yet again, another reference to something you mentioned in Iím Screaming As Fast As I Can, (which, I might add, is an excellent autobiography) your Vitamin A poisoning around the time before Savage Streets was put into production. How did you cope with all that? It mustíve been a hard time...

A: Oh, that was bad. I also was playing guitar and vocals with The Skirts, opening for Sparks and all these cool bands. I was sticking to my guitar from the poisons coming out. I had no idea what was wrong at first, but my dad figured it out, so I just had to get better and had no time to rest. Also, our bass player borke her arm two nights before going to Palm Springs to open, so had to get this girl to play bass parts on a keyboard.

Linnea, Brinke Stevens, and Michelle Bauer all together in NIGHTMARE SISTERSQ: Youíve done so many bit parts in your film career, but I always manage to spot you, except for Fatal Games, aka The Killing Touch, the 1984 film you did in which a killer stalks young Olympic trainees. Do you know where you are VISIBLE in the film? Iím also confused with your extra in Death Race 2000.

A: I don't know if I'm visibile. I know Sally Kirkland is massaging me. Also, I was a courtesan in background in some spaceship thing with Richard Lynch. Alan Arkush directer; he was so cool.

Q: Iím sure everyone wants to know about your band from the Ď80s, The Skirts. Iím guessing your guitar playing influenced the bandís conception; do you still play today? What was that whole experience like, playing shows, getting along with band members, assorted band lineups, etc.?

A: Well, the bass player Haydee and I are trying to do stuff again. She moved here 6 months ago with 38 animals, then had to move back since her house didn't go through. I was working somewhere, and now she's coming back! We did cool video called The Skirts 2001, 1 year ago, of us not seeing each other for like 10 years or more, so we are rehearsing, playing fan stuff.

Guess who else got the part in the TURN THE PAGE video.  Can you say, 'Grr...'?Q: What was it like spending time shooting videos for such bands as The Revolting Cocks, The Ramones, and Motorhead?

A: It's so cool to be in a music video, and Tom Raimone directed them; he's so cool. I was totally devastated I was going to be in Metallica's Turn the Page. I am in love with their music, plus it would have been a dream come true, but it didn't happen. I can't tell why. But I love The Ramones and Motorhead. Wow, legends.

Q: Could you tell me anything about a film you mentioned, Say Bye Bye, in a 1989 interview for Gorgon Video Magazine? Iíve thought that it was the shooting title for Digginí Up Business. A: Yes, it's called Digging Up Business, and I have a copy but the producer Rick Eye screwed everyone so it's in video void. I have it; lots of cool people - Ruth Buzzi, Gary Owens, Yvonne Craig, Billy Barty, Lynn Holly Johnson.

Linnea as colorful Mona in DIGGIN' UP BUSINESSQ: What ever happened to Vampire Hunter and In Love With A Zombie (soap opera), two projects of yourís that were mentioned briefly? Iíve also heard very little about Dead of Night, Artechoke, Sweethearts, Blood Church, Sexbomb, and Blood Nasty.

A: Well, Vampire Hunter was something someone half-started like Dead of Night and Blood Church never finished. Sex Bomb and Blood Nasty are also in video void, but I have them too; they are great!

Q: Iíve always wanted to know what your parents are like (personality-wise and how they support you in your career). I also understand theyíve been having health problems lately. What can you tell me about them?

A: My dad is a chiropractor. My great great uncle founded chiropractic Palmers. He ran a sanitarium, president at colleges, psychologist. So smart; calm, great dad. They had me late in life. My dad is 86; is so active! My mom is having problems with her back and not very active, then a recent car wreck really didn't help. My mom is Swedish and worries all the time. But she was and is so great. She never told me her age growing up sinc eall the other moms were younger. She said she used to stand on her head after sex to get pregnant. It took 7 years, and I was breech. My dad and mom are small, and they worry but support me iwth what I do. I've really made a lot of gray hairs I'm sure.

Q: Who are some cast and crew members (especially other fellow b-movie queens like Maria Ford of Stripteaser) that youíve enjoyed collaborating with? I know working with Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer mustíve been a blast, since you did many films credited alongside them.

A: I love Michelle and Brinke and Like Kaitan, Karen Ruseell, Eilleen Daly and wanna work with a friend of mine, Tuesday Knight; she's cool.

The onscreen thing opposed to the real thing (Robin Rochelle/Stille with Linnea in SORORITY BABES)Q: As you may have learned, b-movie actress Robin Rochelle/Stille (who played Babs in Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama) took her own life in 1996. Do you have any clue as to why she committed suicide, or have anything to say about the battering that occurred between the two of you (which was mentioned by Brinke Stevens in a Focus digest biography)?

A: Wow, poor Robin. She was really drunk all the time. She was so pretty, but I think lied a lot. She said her ring was from Wayne Newton, so who knows what went on with her life. She was drinking on set, Kama Kazis, and was in no shape to do fight scene.

Q: What are your favorite movies to watch and favorite music (bands/singers) to listen to?

A: Metallica! AC/DC, Soundgarden, Genatatores, the song Dancing in the Moonlight, a '80s song. Movies - Requiem for a Dream, Training Day, Terminator II, True Romance, The Heroic Trio, Best of Show, Chasing Amy.

Linnea with a fan from a convention a few years backQ: The whole convention gig must be an exciting thing to do from time to time. Do you have any interesting stories to tell about all that?

A: This last one in Ohio was the most interesting. I just don't know, but I'm doing a documentary with Brian Singleton. I have 12 years of footage from them. I've had myself tattooed on people; all sorts of stuff, gone with fans to rescue animals, got escorted out of conventions (haha).

Q: Now that youíve been cast in Death Island, also starring fellow scream queen Brinke Stevens, are you planning on doing more film work these days? Many of your recent films have been very difficult for me to track down!

Linnea and Haydee Pomar (The Skirts)A: Wonder why; I guess they are hiding. They knew I was waiting to do some more work, so they will come out when I do. Kannibal will be out in the US in July.

Q: What, besides your acting, is going on in your life nowadays, Linnea?

A: Oh, wow, I'm happy the last year so hard, so very bad, and now I'm a lot more clear. I know things and see things and just want things and see things and just want donations for some cosmetic sugery since I've gone through the ringer the last 5 years. I'm going to be married this year. That's my prediction. I'm that kind of girl.

Oh, I want that contraption in Tomb Raider, where you can bungee around.

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